Dating Tips for Decent Guys (part 2)

Dating Tips for Decent Guys (part 2)

Dating Tips for Decent Guys (part 2)

Here we continue with Dating Tips for Decent Guys (part 2) that we began in the previous article. It will make more sense to read it prior to reading this one, so hop on over there and read that one first if you haven’t already. Otherwise, please just read on.

How To Keep The Conversation Interesting

Never, ever talk about yourself unless the woman asks you a question. It’s a big turn-off and you will come across as being self-centered. Your goal is to keep the conversation flowing.

They way you do that is by understanding what women want. Think about this…if you worked all day (week), didn’t have time for yourself, had to take care of the children and house, how would you feel? Tired right?

Therefore, when a woman goes out she’s looking to have “fun.” She wants to escape from the real world for a little while. The way you help her is by talking about anything except sex, work and yourself.

Here’s a line that will work the vast majority of the time. “You look so happy and relaxed. You must have recently come back from an exotic vacation.”

That question will almost always get women to talk about themselves, their life, where they would love to go, and so on.

While she’s talking you must pay attention because she will give you the next topic to talk about without even knowing it. And this could continue all night long. She will definitely enjoy your company because you will be talking about the things that interest her (it would also help if they interest you as well). See how simple it is?

One more thing. Since women are out to have a nice time they don’t want to be bothered with a man who has an attitude and is always attempting to get into their pants.

Don’t get me wrong. There are some women who only want one thing from you! And they’re not shy about getting it either. However, most women want the total package or as close to it as they can get.

What To Do When The Date Ends

This is probably the most intense moment of the night or date. What do you do? Do you kiss her? Do you hug her? Do you shake her hand? The answer is simple. What did her body tell you?

You read that correctly! Did she touch you while laughing? Did she briefly tap your leg while talking? Was she within your personal space for more than 15-minutes? Did she give you verbal hints? All of these things and more you must be aware of.

Let’s say for argument sake, you weren’t paying attention but you think she’s interested. The way you find out is to put your hands on her waist and gently pull her into you.

Don’t kiss her. Just hold her close and tell her how much you enjoyed her company. If she doesn’t resist or pull away there’s a 90% chance you can kiss her with no problems.

If she doesn’t allow you to pull her into you then keep your hands on her waist and say, “When are we going out again? I really had a nice time with you?” Regardless of the answer, give her a nice big hug, which can lead into a kiss.

Your goal at the end of the night is to be a gentleman and get the second date. Now, if the woman asks you to come home with her for a night cap that’s up to you.

What To Do Afterwards

This is where most men screw up big time. The day after is the perfect time to establish who you are as an individual. Yet, many men don’t call, email or do whatever they claim they were going to do.

When you’re dealing with women, be consistent. If you say you’re going to do something do it. If you can’t do it then at least call and let them know.

For example, if you say you will call at a certain time but realise that you can’t, then call earlier and let her know. If you know her email address send a quick email too! Those little things will help you standout from the rest.

Remember earlier how I mentioned that most women are looking to have fun? Well, the second date should be one where you two could laugh i.e., comedy club, funny movie or play a fun board game.

If there is a connection between the two of you, try not to move too fast. Take your time, try not to talk too much on the phone. Try not to see each other too much. Eventually, the newness of the relationship will begin to wear off and you’ll get back to your normal habits.

This is when reality kicks in and you start seeing things you never noticed before. Why go through that? Just be yourself from the start and everything will work itself out.

Always remember when it comes to relationships and dating that time is your friend not your enemy. So make sure to take your time.

Closing Thoughts

What has just been covered over the last five articles is a simple yet powerful way to get just about any woman you desire. If you’re a decent guy, then these tips are for you. If you don’t fit the profile of a decent or shy guy then these last few articles probably won’t make sense to you. You won’t have the relevant experiences to fully comprehend the ideas and concepts presented.

You will say, “This is too simple. It won’t work. Why did I bother to read these stupid articles?” By all means continue to think those thoughts. That leaves more women for all the other decent guys out there.

And by the time you figure out what’s really going on, the good women will be snatched up by the decent or shy guys. You will be left with women who might not meet your needs.

Here’s another benefit of using the information that you’ve learned from our June 2017 articles. You can have some of the most beautiful women attached to your arm when you go out on the town! Many of them are home alone waiting for someone like you. All you have to do is be sincere, be their friend, hold a decent conversation, pursue your goals and treat them with respect. And don’t forget to be a little unpredictable.

Remember – Be Friends First

It sounds so easy don’t it? Well it is! Just know that when you apply the information that you’re read here, you will only attract “real” and “good” independent women who have something to offer you. And you had better be ready to reciprocate. If you’re a slouch I feel for you! Your feelings will get hurt!

You’re probably wondering, “What about the other women who are not real and good?” They may be several of the women you select. Yet, being their friend first will allow you to see if they have major issues and problems that you may not want to deal with.

Too often decent guys have self-esteem issues and pick women with problems so they can be their saviours. Unfortunately, you get yourself into a relationship with a woman you shouldn’t be with. Some women are too needy, have emotional issues, have baby daddy drama, or family issues, or are seriously confused and much more.

It is so very important to be friends with women before you consider seriously dating them. If you forget everything in June’s articles do not forget that. It will save you from wasting a tremendous amount of your time and money!

Get Your Own Life

Two more things before we finish. It’s important you have a life outside of your lady. While women love attention they also like their space and time for themselves.

Being a decent guy doesn’t give you permission to smother a woman. If you are unable to give the space needed then don’t bother to use the information that you’ve been learning. It will not work for you.

That’s why the first requirement is to become a woman’s friend so you can discover as much as you can about her and how compatible you are with her. You must be honest with yourself, know what you need and want before you can identify if a woman is the one for you.

Without that information you will continue to fail in your attempt to find a woman. Like was mentioned earlier, get yourself together and prepared for the opportunity to meet the woman of your dreams. If you ignore working on you, women will enter and leave your life like people entering and leaving an office building through a revolving door.

Womens’ Biological Clocks

Second, many women will take offense to the following statement, “…around 30 years of age most women desire to settle down, get married and have kids.” It’s not meant to sound like it’s an omen or something bad. It’s just a common occurrence among many women.

Just like when women go through menopause around a certain age. However, it’s highly likely that more than 85% of women will fit the profile that has been outlined above.

Sure, you will have many independent and career-oriented women who don’t desire those things. Yet, one cannot deny the fact that the majority of women want to experience life with that special someone.

When you understand this and possess the qualities women desire whether you are a decent guy or a shy guy, or not a good guy, women will want to learn more about you. And that is the key … they will want to learn more about you.

So you see it really doesn’t matter if you’re a decent guy or a shy guy. What matters is how you treat a woman, what are your motives, how compatible you are with her, do you meet her needs, can you hold a decent conversation and did you work on your issues before you got involve with her.

Be you, get women interested, keep them interested, be honest, grow as an individual and continue to enjoy one another’s company. It’s really that easy!

~.* *.~

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