How Will I Know If I am With the Right One?

How Will I Know If I am With the Right One

How Will I Know If I am With the Right One?

If you’re asking yourself How Will I Know If I am With the Right One, read on. One of the best ways to know if the relationship that you are currently in is right for you, read through the following list. You will read tips on how to know when you should leave the relationship that you’re in given below.

If you feel that none of these characteristics apply to your relationship, then you need not worry about it at all!


You and your partner support each other in who you currently are. If both you and your partner can be flawless in each other’s eyes, then that is a wonderful beginning. However, the flawlessness depends on how much you care about your new prospective or current partner. If you can say that you support your partner in whatever she/he does because you care about them, then you are undoubtedly in the perfect relationship. But if you say that you only support your partner because you have to, that’s not good. If you could not really be bothered, then you have a problem and your relationship needs serious reconsideration.

You Encourage Your Partner to Grow, and Vice Versa

You and your partner do not dread change in each other; in fact, you encourage each other’s growth. When your relationship sustains itself on love and reverence, you trust your partner’s development. You realise that it is natural for human nature to constantly develop, produce and convey. As you watch your partner’s gradual evolution, you fall in love even more. You are intrigued when you encounter aspects that you feel might be good growth opportunities for your lover.

Friendships of Your Own

Both of you have strong friendships outside of your relationship. You both must constantly meet and interact with new individuals. When your partner meets a new interesting friend, you should be excited that they are friends with yet another worthwhile individual.


You trust your partner to act in the best interest of your relationship. Decisions need to be taken consistently. Each of your choices should support the others, and allow for your decision to be mutual. When tough choices need to be taken, you should both discuss the options frankly. You need to assist each other to arrive at the decision which seems best to and for both of you.

Sexual Chemistry

There has to be a sexual chemistry between you and your partner. You should always divide your time so that your career and personal life does not get in each other’s ways. As much as it is important to stay focused on your work, you should always reserve time for the physical aspect of your relationship. It is a very important aspect and even if you find yourself not being able to devote time to it, there must always be a possibility of it happening. More importantly, it should be a part of the relationship worth looking forward to.

Intimacy on All Levels

You must have intimacy on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, and other levels as well if you choose to acknowledge them. As time elapses, both of you get know each other intimately. You learn to respect and approve of each other as living beings. You discover your partner’s likes and dislikes on intimate emotional levels— what gives them joy, what problems they are trying to sort out— and you reinstate the good, and strive to assist them in their attempts to surmount whatever difficult things they are dealing with.

What Makes it Right

It can be seen that the catalogue of things that make a relationship the “right” one is incidentally a lot shorter than the list for the factors that tell you when you’re NOT in the right relationship.

The list of aspects for the “NOT” article could go on forever, but it is very simple to decide on which factors make a relationship the right one. When you are in the right relationship, you have a steady foundation that creates your base throughout the dynamic of how you involve yourself with your partner. Additionally, and more significantly, it will feel right.

Lack of Inner Conflict

You will know it is right because you will not be in conflict with yourself all the time anymore; you will notice the remarkable peace and confidence within yourself when you are with your lover. When you are in the right relationship, just being in the company of your partner reinstates your self-identity and your purpose for which you survive in the cosmos. If you realise that you’re not in the perfect relationship, do not lose heart.

This world is full of amazing people and surely one of them will be absolutely perfect for you. If your relationship does not seem right, be on your own and figure out what you want to achieve on your own. Finding the right match depends on the level of honesty that you are prepared to have with yourself.

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