Awakened Apology from a Spiritual Warrior

awakened apology from a spiritual warrior

Awakened Apology from a Spiritual Warrior

As a man, I feel sorrow that women and feminine energy have been suppressed for so many thousands of years on our planet. Everywhere we look, women have been disenfranchised.

Throughout history, we have raped and abused you and burned you at the stake. We have bought and sold your bodies for sexual pleasure and barred you from religious and political office. We have relegated you to subservient chores, forced you to hide your faces and even cut off your organs of sexual pleasure.

Although I may not have done these things personally, I am aware of the forces in the masculine psyche that are responsible for dishonouring the feminine. Therefore, I take responsibility for those forces and choose no longer to be run by them. On behalf of all men, I do this in order to usher in a new era of co-creation. From this moment on I commit to treat your heart as the sacred temple that it is. I also commit to celebrating the feminine in my intimate relationships as well as in my relationship to all life forms.

As a man, I love the beauty of your body. I feel sorrow that we men have used your beauty as a form of commerce: in prostitution, pornography and the sale of products through advertising. Thus I take a stand against any form of commercialisation of woman’s beauty, and I respect that your body belongs to you.

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I Honour You

As a man, I acknowledge that the religions of the past several thousand years have been mainly founded by and propagated by men. This has meant that as men, we have often acted as if we have the last word on God and the spiritual life. The truth is that all we have really known is the masculine expression of those things. So, on behalf of all men, I honour your pathways of spiritual awakening, and I commit to the celebration of feminine spirituality.

I honour your deep connection to the earth. As men, our relationship to our planet, its resources, its weather, its oceans and its forests has for too long been motivated by acquisition and dominion. Therefore, I commit to listening to the intuitive sense that you have of how to heal our planet and make it thrive.

Feminine Intuition

I honour your intuition and your ability to feel. As men, we have often devalued feeling and intuition in favour of a view dominated by data and logic. On behalf of all men, I commit to respecting the arts of feeling, intuition and wisdom of the feminine heart. This is so that together we can integrate them into a balanced view of life.

I honour your capacity for peaceful resolution of conflicts. We men have waged endless wars over our disagreements; by contrast, it is rare to find an invasion or war instigated by a woman. On behalf of all men, I welcome your wisdom in creating a world that can get along.

I honour your capacity to listen to your body and its needs for food, rest and playtime. As men, our preoccupation with goals and results has often driven us into a burn out mentality. I know that we have often drawn you into that as well, so I welcome your reminders to maintain balance in our bodies.

Feminine Compassion

I honour your sense of compassionate justice. In our justice system, men have dominated as judges and police. We have built prisons, and set punishment as a higher value than restitution. I welcome you to bring the return of the heart to our system of justice.

I honour your capacity to enjoy and pay attention to what is here, right now. As men, we often get overly focused on reaching the next milestone. We place so much emphasis on progress — what is new and better and faster — that we often forget to enjoy what we already have. Yet if we were to listen to you we could co-create in bringing forth the wisdom of sufficiency.

I Join With You

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I know that in joining hands, and leaving the past behind we can create a synergy of our strengths. I know, and I know that you know, that then there is nothing that we cannot do together.

ॐ Author Unknown

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