How to Find and Attract Your One True Love

How to Find and Attract Your One True Love

How to Find and Attract Your One True Love

You may look around and think that finding and attracting the right man is close to impossible. Everybody seems to be very happy in a relationship apart from you. It seems that you cannot manage to create what you are seeking. You may be successful in everything else that you do, but when it comes to true love you fail to find it. You are left questioning whether at all there is such a thing as one true love. Think what makes him or her great. He or she may be the one who loves you unconditionally. Here’s How to Find and Attract Your One True Love.

There may be flaws and imperfection included. There may be things in the relationship that you won’t agree with. But in-spite of all this, he or she will love you. This guy will reciprocate your love for him and perhaps give you even more. The question is whether you will ever find him.

Use Your Imagination

Even if you do find him, then next question is how would you attract him to want to stay. The method is simple to attract him and make him fall for you and commit for a long term relationship. For this you need to close your eyes and think about that one true love. Imagine him standing in front of you. Imagine how would he be. Fantasize about a possible weekend get away to romantic destination. Ponder upon a conversation that you may have. Think about how it feels when you are touched by him.

Love at First Sight

The way you feel and hear him in your mind is the way he will be when he turns up in your true life. It is quite possible to meet someone like him. You may have had a bad experience or experiences in your past. But while visualising your one true love you are actually manifesting him already. The concept of love at first sight is the manifestation before the first sight.

Manifest Him 

Manifesting is a matter of creating a virtual existence of this true man. Believe in your heart that you can really make this virtual man come to life. The next step for you would be to change for the better. If you think that it has always been the man’s fault then you’re in for a rude shock. Now is the best time for you to look into your self. Nagging him is definitely not going to help. You should remember that a relationship is a two way street that requires both of you to work on it.

Cease your unwillingness to try something new, because you’re still awaiting the best.

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