Love and Respect Yourself


love and respect yourself

Love and Respect Yourself

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How many people in this world respect and love themselves? Not many people can say that they do because they are so self-conscious that they find it very hard to love themselves. If that state of mind is left to continue, it will break them down more than they are already. Overcoming the negative feelings that you have about yourself can be very hard to do and some people find it very difficult to let go of the negatives that they have. How can you love someone when you can’t even love and respect yourself? When you don’t love and respect yourself, the person whom you say you love will hurt and misuse your love for them. That why it’s so important to first learn to love yourself and respect who you are because there is no one else like you.

When you are able to respect and love yourself then you are able to accept who you really are on the inside and on the outside. Many people have done a lot of bad things in their life that they wish that they could change and forget. But you can’t change the past no matter how hard you try, but what you can do and change is to learn to forgive yourself and respect that what you did was a mistake and that it cannot be changed. If you ever listen to that small voice that kept saying you did this and that, all you will only do is send yourself so deep inside that when someone is trying to help you there is no way out. A lot of young people have taken this route and it has not helped them. All it did was destroy them in many ways. When you feel this way that’s the time you must remember all the good that you did and it will overpower the negative feelings once you see yourself in a positive light.

What you can do to help you start love and respect yourself is to think about feeling good physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You can do what makes you feel good; some people enjoy the beach so you can go there and relax. Or you can simply do many other things that make you feel good in multiple ways; it may require exercise, meditation, and keeping a positivity journal. Find a routine that feels good and stick to it because that will help to motivate you and to feel better about yourself.

Learning to control your emotion is best way that you can know how love and respect yourself – talking to someone helps. But you should never build up what you are feeling inside, for example if your boyfriend left you at a party. Don’t keep that inside you for years only to then take it out on your current husband because that can help destroy your relationship, thus tearing your love and respect that you are so hard trying to build.

Many will find the following suggestion to be silly, however it really helps you to love and respect yourself: find positive thoughts and say them all the time, over and over again. Yes it sounds crazy but it really works. You can say these thoughts called affirmations until it becomes a habit and you will start thinking more positively and less negatively and before you know it you will start believing in yourself.

Learn how to deal with the things that don’t happen the way you want them to, or the way that it was supposed to occur. Notice what triggers you off from loving yourself and decide how you want to deal with it because you have to something about it. what many people fail to comprehend is that you can’t change how things will happen or the words that come out of people’s mouths, but what you can do is learn out to control what you say and the actions you take. Have you ever notice when your mother, father or someone that is close to you said something negative towards you? How do you react? Well it set you off into a negative spiral, bringing all sorts of thoughts into your mind and they are not happy ones. You need to know why that happens when someone says something that’s negative to you.

Giving yourself rewards and gifts will help you to start to love and respect yourself more, especially when you are not getting gifts from anyone else. It will help you to feel very good about yourself. If you have done something great at work and you were rewarded with a gift voucher, you can go out to dinner and have some fun taking care of yourself, because in this life no one can ever do that for you – only you can do that. When your birthday comes and you have been eyeing that new pair of shoes or that television set for months, buy it and make yourself feel good knowing that you can appreciate that you can give yourself something that you have always wanted. You should never feel guilty for spending money on yourself especially if it makes you feel great and wonderful. Its not sin to do stuff for you if it shows that you love and respect yourself.

If you are feeling down and self-loathing you can always start a diary and write down the good things that happened in your life and how it made you feel. Yes there will some bad patches along the way, but once you have good things to say apply them to your diary once a week and you can reflect on them as many time as you wish because that will help also. The most important thing is to love yourself for you – only you – because if you can’t love and respect yourself who do you expect will love you in return? No one will. Love your life because many have not gotten a chance to see it. Always think positive even when the sky is gloomy and the rain is falling. Always know that the sun will come out to play eventually.

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