Feeling Empty? Try Spiritual Dining…

The wedding Supper Revelations

There is a smorgasbord of information and techniques available to the public concerning ways to be at one with Spirit.  Just like a real smorgasbord, people will find things they like, and things they don’t.  One should utilise discernment when one is sampling. Many offerings on the smorgasbord were not created by a “Spiritual Nutritionist.”  At best they leave you feeling empty.  Sampling can also lead to an upset stomach, cavities in your spiritual understanding, or the excess fat of useless and confusing knowledge.

Here is a suggested essential vitamin list of a “Spiritual Nutritionist.”  Be sure to ask about ingredients when sampling, and make sure of purity before investing in large quantities.

LOVE: This is the #1 essential ingredient of all spiritual food.

HARMONY: This ingredient allows the information to be easily assimilated into your current belief structure.

TRUTH: Beware of substitutes. Listen to your “inner voice.”

JOY: One should be happy after eating, not have indigestion.

ENERGY: True Spirit is tireless; with this ingredient you gain enthusiasm for life.

KINDNESS: The vitamin “K” acts as a buffer for easy processing of all ingredients.

PEACE: This vitamin alleviates heartburn and acid indigestion.

One also needs to pay attention to the “Food Preparers.”  This is a guideline of “Spiritual Food Preparer” ethics:

CLEANLINESS: Only use the purest ingredients and vitamins; don’t use substitutes because of expediency or ego.

FOCUS: Always pay attention to what you are creating, why, and for whom.

INTENT: Don’t get greedy; one must always prepare the food with love, not dollar signs.

COMMITMENT: You are on call to prepare appetizers, snacks, and meals twenty-four hours a day. Don’t get cranky…you volunteered.

WISDOM: Never serve a dish, even if nutritionally perfect, to someone who has a history of allergic reactions to the ingredients.

SHARING: Never covet your recipes or diners…all of Spirit’s cooks need to work together to create balanced meals.

If you check the vitamin content and preparers, you may look forward to a tasty and fulfilling meal in an amiable atmosphere. There are many smorgasbords around, as well as dining rooms that specialize in adding certain spices and ingredients to the essential vitamins.

Remember that “Spiritual Food” is available 24 hours a day.  Whether you dine at home, go to a smorgasbord, or choose a culinary specialty house that serves many courses, you need never go hungry.