security monitors

When The Loving Heart Foundation has assisted a woman take her children and the animal companion/s to safety, we’ll also make sure that the accommodation they are given is monitored by security cameras so that should the man or woman that they have just left find out where they are living, we will be able to see when that person arrives on the property and can then have security personnel arrive on the scene as quickly as possible in case there is the risk of danger for those in our care.

It is our intention to provide a fully furnished apartment for our clients to move into, and gift to them all the things inside that apartment to take with them when they leave. These items will have been donated to us by men and women who no longer want or need these things, which we will then give to those we will help.

We also intend to have a children’s play area on the premises, securely monitored so that there can be no kidnappings, and so that the mother can leave her children to play in a safe environment so that she can get some rest from the trauma she has been through.

It is our intention to supply the women with projects to do, one of which will be to take part in building a community garden, hopefully on the rooftop of the block of apartments where they will be living.  When the time is right and funding is in place to do these things, we intend for the block to also accommodate families, couples and singles that are not being assisted by us, as we believe that it’s important that life should be as normal as possible around the women so that they don’t get bogged down in the same state of mind that the environment they just left gave them. Having said that though, there will be approximately five women and their children (and pets) housed in the one block of apartments (usually ten stories high).

We intend to put a rooftop garden on the block, with a playground for the children and an area to grow herbs and have an Aquaponic garden growing as well. Nutrition and restoring health will play a big part in helping the women, because stress depletes the human body of the chemicals it needs to be able to cope with life and be happy.  So we will encourage the women to become actively involved in gardening and learning about health and nutrition.

These are just some of the things we intend to do to help those who will be in our care.

rooftop garden pink

Also, one of the properties in each hub of operations will be a commercial property set aside as the venue where the therapeutic healing takes place. Healers and Therapists will be invited to work in this clinic, and those that are in the emergency housing will be invited to seek the help of any one of the therapists. A small fee will be asked of those we help, or they can volunteer in one of our businesses to help pay for what they are given.

We would like to set up a school for the children of these women that are given emergency housing and relief. I have always believed in the methods of Montessori and Steiner, and would like to have a school that uses these methods available for the children. I also like the Kumon method of teaching regarding mathematics, so I would like to have this style available in the school if possible.

We also would like to set up a help-organisation similar to Hope for the Children. We’d like to provide a service where trustworthy ladies go in to help overworked mothers by babysitting for them, and giving them some time to go to the shops or to the beautician/hairdresser without the kids.  This service can be part of the home services/cleaning business that we will operate, and a portion of what the service providers owe the agency in fees can be worked off by helping mums who need it. (Hope for the Children – when it was in operation – sent volunteers into young mother’s homes to help with the cleaning and to do babysitting so that the young mum could take some time off and go shopping, or go and get her hair done, or go to the beautician etc. This time off gave her the break she needed and took the pressure off her so that she could function better as a parent.)

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