What Women Want From a Man

What Women Want From a Man

What Women Want From a Man

Every man has been in this situation at some point in his life where he wants to know What Women Want From a Man. Asking the simple question, “What does she want from me?” Every man should be able to answer this question before trying to woo a woman.

The first thing to comprehend is that women will always have different psychological make-ups and different wants from a relationship. But most women look for the same things that will ensure happiness and success. A quick look at these points below will give you an insight into a woman’s expectations.


A woman needs satisfaction; mental satisfaction. What defines mental satisfaction differs from one to another. Then she wants physical satisfaction and of course, emotional satisfaction. Remember that women are emotional creatures and they need lots of attention and love. What is attention? Attention is putting down your phone and looking her in the eye, and listening to what she has to say. Attention is basically the whole foundation of love. If you can’t give her your undivided attention, you don’t really love her.


A woman wants you to be willing to share your life with her and to let her be who she chooses to be. She does not want to be taken for a ride and she hates to be dumped after a while. She hates men who are “commitment-phobic”.


A woman can’t stand lies and infidelity in a relationship any more than a man can. Honesty and truthfulness from her partner will make her secure and relaxed. A partner who is a cheat will only ruin the relationship.

Sexual Satisfaction

A woman wants a man who knows how to keep the excitement and the flames of desire burning. She wants a man who is physically compatible.

Every man has been in this situation at some point in his life. Asking the simple question “what does she want from me?” The answer is simple.


A woman wants time with you, and she wants to know that you want to spend time with her. She wants to know that you are thinking about her when you aren’t with her. Your thoughts when you’re away are just as important as when you are with her. She wants your undivided attention.

I came across a tale that might help you understand what a woman wants…. I’ve posted it in the next article.

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