Children’s Education in Finland

Here is an amazing article about the wonders of children’s education in Finland.  Finland produces some of the highest scores in the whole world by children who have been educated using their methods. Click on the link at the end of the snippet from the article to be taken to the article itself.

Children's education in Finland

Children’s Education in Finland

All Finnish kids address their teachers by their first names, as the students at Helsinki’s Strömberg School do, but many other aspects of education at this school can be considered progressive no matter where you’re from. Let’s open the door and step inside.

Here we go!

It’s a few minutes past eight and the dim October morning has not yet given way to daylight when the pupils of Strömberg Lower Comprehensive School (ages 7–13) start taking off their jackets, caps and shoes in front of their coat-racks. An inviting fire, lit by the school caretaker to cheer the pupils up, is crackling in the fireplace in the hall.

Hellos are shouted along the corridors as pupils, teachers and the rest of the school staff greet each other. In this school, everybody knows each other, and the pupils call their teachers by their first names, as is customary in Finland.

Each child finds his or her own group. The classes are named after animals that live in Finnish forests: Elks, Bears, Foxes, Lynx, Hawks, Weasels, Seals, Eagle Owls and Wolves. And there are the Beavers, a class of pupils with mental disabilities; these kids arrive by taxi each morning. The school day can begin. Read more by clicking on the link below.

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