If You Could See Yourself

If you could see Yourself reflected in my eyes

If You Could See Yourself Reflected in My Eyes

If you could see yourself reflected in my eyes, you would see someone who makes my heart just smile inside, you would catch a glimpse of somebody who has been such a wonderful influence on my life and who keeps on making a beautiful difference in my days.

If you could hear the words that I would love to share, you would be able to listen to a special tribute to you, one that sings your praises and speaks of an unending gratitude and describes how much I’ll always appreciate you.

If you could imagine one of the nicest gifts that anyone could ever receive, you would begin to understand what your presence in my life has meant to me.

I wish that you could see in yourself what I see in you. You don’t seem to realise just how strong you are, and what your support means to me. If only you could put yourself into my shoes for a day and experience what it’s like to feel uplifted by your words and embraced by your love, never again would you doubt yourself or feel unworthy, for you are so very, very worthy and you most certainly deserve all of the love that I give you, without a doubt.

We are two strong, independent individuals on our own, but together we are so very much more.

~.* *.~

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