Etheric Life Force Field

Etheric life force field

Etheric Life Force Field

by Stuart Wilde

All living things have a life force field around them. It is generated in humans because of the electrical impulses in the brain and in the nervous system, and the beating heart. The field responds to emotion.

In the olden days the force field was called the aura by the Theosophists. It was said to have colors in it but there was a “holier than thou” property to it all, people with a purple aura were considered more elevated.

Theosophy was born in the height of Victorian and then Edwardian snobbery and racism. So Theosophist writer Alice Bailey (1880-1949) wrote of a hierarchy of root races, white people were considered to be of a higher root race than black or Asian people. Like the Mormons today believe blacks are inferior as they are souls that have been punished by God.

The most common colors of the aura are a snot-colored grey and various shades of black. That wasn’t mentioned in the literature, so I came to see that most of the writers had never seen the fields.

When one human etheric field touches another’s in the street say, information, mood and feelings are transferred. That is why you can soon become exhausted walking around a shopping mall as people’s emotions, their fears and needs, are pasted on your field. Coronal spikes of your field can cross the street though normally the field is close to you say, two feet all around you.

Stay away from crowded places and don’t touch people you don’t know, if someone brushes past you in the street say “love” silently as a protection.

Some etheric fields round people are purple, blue, rose-colored or even gold. That was another aura color that wasn’t mentioned in the old literature. All the celestial gods are gold mixed with purple and blue.

More later. Stuart Wilde

© 2012 — Stuart Wilde.
August 10th, 2012