Will Love Triumph?

will love triumph

Will Love Triumph?

It’s nice to believe that love will, in the end, triumph over evil and nastiness. However, when looking at our world and situations like the insane slaughter of innocents in the chase for Brother Bin, and the gradual development of the world-wide Police State via techno-fascism, one wonders how the force of good might win, faced as it is by what seems to be insurmountable odds.

Is “love conquers all” just an anthem for dreamers and dippy utopian idealist, or is there a basis to the idea that good will outlast evil?

My old teacher used to say that negative energy moves very quickly and though positive energy is more powerful, it moves very much more slowly. Continue reading

I Know What a Gift You Are

I know what a gift you are

I Know What a Gift You Are

You are my very own, one most perfectly matched partner. You are everything I always hoped for…. my secret dream that swept me off my feet and really did come true.

You have the warmth of the morning sun in your spirit, and you have a gentle soul that I always want to be close to, yet you also have the strength of a warrior whom I know will protect me when it’s needed. I deeply, dearly, and happily love you!

I can barely begin to tell you how much I value the exquisite closeness that we have been given. It is a truly beautiful blessing.

There will never be a day when I will take even one moment of that joy and that sweetness for granted. I know what a gift you are – to me and to the world. Continue reading

Remedy a Tense Situation After a Fight

Remedy a Tense Situation After A Fight

Remedy a Tense Situation After a Fight

In a normal and healthy relationship, have you had a fight with your partner? Do you often experience problems in your relationship due to such fights? Fights and disagreements are normal in a healthy relationship and you really shouldn’t worry too much about them. Most couples figure out a way to make up and eliminate the issues in a good way.

When a couple has a fight on some issue, it creates a difficult situation for both partners. All healthy and strong relationships need to identify the situation and to figure out some ways to fix such tense situations. Here are some good ways to Remedy a Tense Situation After a Fight with your partner and heal the tense situation created because of such disagreements.

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Trust and Honesty

lies 2


In any relationship we must be able to trust if we want the relationship to work.

As women we often know when our man is lying to us – men seem to often tell lies to save having to explain themselves.

However, we too must earn the trust of our partner by demonstrating that we are trustworthy ourselves.

Tell the TRUTH!