Nothing Could Be Sweeter Than This

nothing could be sweeter than this

I’ve included a mix of information on this site so that it is balanced in its focus. I don’t want the site to be depressing so I’ve included uplifting articles like this one. When you’ve overcome your addiction to men who hurt you and treat you badly, the following is what you can look forward to having when you find a decent man who is capable of having a loving relationship – nothing could be sweeter than this.

Nothing Could Be Sweeter Than This

My favourite thing in the entire universe is just to be sitting across from you, looking into your eyes, talking about anything and everything, and feeling so wonderful inside. Nothing could be sweeter than this.

But it’s more than that…. Continue reading

The Bravehearts of Belgrave High

The Bravehearts of Belgrave High

Well I haven’t posted any of my own writings here for a while now because I’ve been writing a novel for teenage girls. I’m almost finished editing and formatting it, and shortly it will go on sale. I’ve written it so that teen readers can get lost in the story line and relate to the experiences of the heroine when they are growing up in a dysfunctional home where there is violence and verbal abuse, and where the effects of that flow over into other areas of their lives. Here’s a bit about the first novel in the series of seven:

The Bravehearts of Belgrave High

Once in a while comes a tale of heroism that lifts you out of the mundane and into magical worlds beyond. Such are the Tolemac Chronicles and the exploits of our heroine Viviane.

Let’s face it, growing up has never been easy. Finding your way on that difficult journey between childhood and adulthood can be a lonely experience. Especially if you feel you are different from other people, left wondering desperately where you fit in. The Chronicles explore these experiences as they follow the journey of Viviane, our teenage heroine. Continue reading

I Know What a Gift You Are

I know what a gift you are

I Know What a Gift You Are

You are my very own, one most perfectly matched partner. You are everything I always hoped for…. my secret dream that swept me off my feet and really did come true.

You have the warmth of the morning sun in your spirit, and you have a gentle soul that I always want to be close to, yet you also have the strength of a warrior whom I know will protect me when it’s needed. I deeply, dearly, and happily love you!

I can barely begin to tell you how much I value the exquisite closeness that we have been given. It is a truly beautiful blessing.

There will never be a day when I will take even one moment of that joy and that sweetness for granted. I know what a gift you are – to me and to the world. Continue reading

A Lasting Reminder

A Lasting Reminder of How Much I Love You

A Lasting Reminder of How Much I Love You

I know that I say “I love you!” lots of times, but it’s usually as I’m walking out the door and running late for whatever is on the calendar.

But today, maybe I can slow time down a little bit… and tell you how precious that love really is and how much you mean to me. My heart is so grateful for you – for the bond that we share, the hopes that we have, and the many things that we’ve been blessed with.

I consider the day I fell in love with you – and the moment I knew that you loved me, too – to be the best day my world has ever known. Continue reading

If You Could See Yourself

If you could see Yourself reflected in my eyes

If You Could See Yourself Reflected in My Eyes

If you could see yourself reflected in my eyes, you would see someone who makes my heart just smile inside, you would catch a glimpse of somebody who has been such a wonderful influence on my life and who keeps on making a beautiful difference in my days.

If you could hear the words that I would love to share, you would be able to listen to a special tribute to you, one that sings your praises and speaks of an unending gratitude and describes how much I’ll always appreciate you.

If you could imagine one of the nicest gifts that anyone could ever receive, you would begin to understand what your presence in my life has meant to me.

I wish that you could see in yourself what I see in you. You don’t seem to realise just how strong you are, and what your support means to me. If only you could put yourself into my shoes for a day and experience what it’s like to feel uplifted by your words and embraced by your love, never again would you doubt yourself or feel unworthy, for you are so very, very worthy and you most certainly deserve all of the love that I give you, without a doubt.

We are two strong, independent individuals on our own, but together we are so very much more.

~.* *.~

Shortly, we have the first novel in a series of seven being published about the courageous story of a young teen growing up in a home filled with domestic violence, and how she manoeuvres her way through such a difficult situation. Click here if you’d like to know more about this novel.

Click here if you’d like to be taken to the site where you can purchase this novel.

A Love Story About the Gods

a love story about the gods

A Love Story About the Gods

There once was a great leader who inspired many people all over the world. He was deeply loved by those who knew him, despite the fact that he had made many mistakes along the way through life and despite how he could be very gruff with people at times. He had a way about him that allowed people to get only so close, but no further. This was for a reason though; it was because of who he was in the spiritual dimensions and because of the fact that one day he would announce who he was, and there would be a lot of scoffing, disbelief, gossip and impending danger. He needed to have few attachments so that he could move quickly if the situation required. Continue reading

A Special Promise To Be There

a special promise to be there

A Special Promise To Be There

There are a thousand things that I would like to be for you, but one of the most important is just being someone you can talk to. There are so many things I would like to do for you and so many things I would like to say and give and share. It would take me a lifetime to list all the reasons why you are so important to me. But I would like to make a special promise to be there for you too. Continue reading