Letting Others Decide Your Fate

letting others decide your fate

Letting Others Decide Your Fate

RHYTHM 0 – 1974 :     m a r i n a . a b r a m o v i ć | 1946 . performance artist . belgrade . serbia

This is the account about Marina Abramovic regarding her performance of Life Art piece where she stood naked from the waist up in silence and without moving for six hours. This is what happens when letting others decide your fate. Continue reading

Finding Your Feet in Life

finding your feet in life

Finding your Feet in Life

The journey towards healing, wholeness and becoming who we really are is often about unlearning the things that we have learned that have held us back throughout our lives. It requires learning to see ourselves through the eyes of compassion, and forgiving ourselves for our mistakes. It requires us to be kind to ourselves. Only when we can offer our own self those things can we offer these things to others. If we are harsh upon our self, then we will be harsh towards others. Continue reading