DV Victim Mindset

dv victim mindset

DV Victim Mindset

The following poem quite accurately describes the powerlessness that women who are victims of domestic violence feel. It accurately describes their DV victim mindset. However, I’m here to say that this mindset is simply a mindset that can be changed. Despite what the person who wrote it thinks, she truly does have the power to change her situation.  It will involve some persistent hard work to change the belief patterns in her mind, but it definitely can be done. Victims don’t have to stay victims. It’s a choice they make to stay that way, and their choice is impacted by abuse from the man whom they have given their heart to. Too often, a victim mindset is initially created by parents who didn’t know how to love, so they pass the pattern of abuse and neglect on down to their daughter.  The good news is that you don’t have to stay a victim any longer – you have the power to change your karma. So here’s the poem:

Just Another Victim

Just another victim that is what I am,
As I am being abused, by the hands of a jealous man,
Beaten everyday, it is my fault that I am here?
Then why is it that no one else seems to care,

Stuck in this empty room, every single day,
Cant get out, no matter how hard I pray,
Only to wait for him to come again,
And take whatever he wants; will it ever end?

I cry myself to sleep every single night,
Trying to ask God in the process, to take my life,
Empty as I am; I will never be free,
Left in the darkness, after he is through with me,

This is my life, his servant and slave,
Loneliness is my friend, his wrath I can’t escape,
For I am a victim, that is what I am,
Stuck in this life, where I am abused,
over and over by a mad man.


Remember, it doesn’t have to be this way.

~.* *.~

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