Domestic Abuse Caught on Camera

Domestic Abuse Caught on Camera

Panorama reveals harrowing footage and other evidence of domestic violence incidents that now account for a third of all recorded assaults with injury in England and Wales. Filmed by police response teams equipped with body-worn video cameras, this new style of evidence gathering is helping to bring perpetrators to justice. But years of coercive control and terror often lie behind the violence. Panorama hears from wives, mothers and children who have also endured non-violent domestic abuse, which is now likely to be made a criminal offence in its own right.

If you, or someone you know, has been affected by the issues raised in this video about domestic abuse, contact an organisation close to you.

It was a horrific experience that the woman in this video went through. It is very typical of many cases of domestic abuse for the woman to feel that she can’t talk to anyone about what is going on. Also, it is typical that she won’t tell the police what is happening to her for fear of repercussions from her violent partner. 

Many more rapes, assaults and long term violence going on that what gets reported. It is the same for violence against men too, because violence from a female towards a male is laughed at by other males who see the victim as weak. Often he isn’t. Often he simply won’t raise his hand to a woman, even in his own self defense, but the point here is that many, many cases of violence in close partner relationships goes unreported.

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Domestic abuse caught on camera