Creative Ways to Stand Up To Bullies

Confront those bullies

Creative Ways to Stand Up to Bullies

When a person or a group of people uses force, coercion or intimidation for aggressively abusing or dominating others, it is known as bullying. This bullying behavior is often repeated and habitual. Bullying can be physical, sexual, or emotional which is often expressed in a verbal way. Some recent statistics have clearly shown that almost all school aged children experience bullying at some level during their academic careers.

Bullying usually includes some social or physical imbalances between the parties involved. Bullying culture can arise in any environment where human beings interact with each other. The long lasting impacts of bullying are very dangerous and they include anxiety, depression and sensitivity. Efforts should be made to stop bullies from bullying among school aged children, otherwise it can affect the victims throughout their school age and their professional lives thereafter.

There are many creative ways to stand up to bullies. Let us have a look at some very useful methods to stand up against bullying:

Tell Somebody Whom You Trust

If you are frightened about telling your problem to your teacher, tell it to a friend that you trust and rely upon. Your friend will tell your teacher and then your teacher will do something to resolve your problem without telling the bully about your name. You can also contact your parents and guardians for help on bullying issues.

Act Strongly

When you see bullies passing by or sitting near you, do not look down or look scared. It is important to remain confident, because the evil inside the bully feeds off your fear, so if you allow that fear to overtake you then the bully will be able to gain the dominant position. Hold your head up and keep walking confidently. If the bully follows you around, let him or her see that you aren’t afraid of them by turning and laughing at them. This will humiliate the bully and if you truly are without fear, the bully will go away.

If the bully has a lot of evil in them and won’t go away, try walking with a group of friends instead of walking alone. Stand up against bullies for yourself and others. Always boost your confidence high by dressing neatly and being well groomed, well made-up and have a tidy, stylish hairstyle. However, if you are coming home from the gym or from a sporting match this won’t be possible. Nevertheless, you can always appear strong by the way you hold your posture: head up, back straight, and relaxed arms by your side swinging normally to the gait of your walk.

Keep All Evidence

Whenever a bully texts you or sends you an email, make sure to save whichever one it happens to be (or all forms of communication sent to you) as this type of bullying is known as cyberbullying and you can present this data as evidence when needed. Get all such texts and emails printed right away to show others that you have proof of what they have sent to you.

When you are being bullied in an office environment, restaurant or any other public place, hold your phone in a way to show them you are recording their conversation. This will show the bully that you aren’t scared of him or her (or the group if that is what happens to be the case), and when they realise that they are being recorded they will no longer say things in front of you that are hurtful or aggressive. By recording such conversations and by showing the bully that they are being recorded they will stop bullying you because this evidence will be very useful data that will get them into trouble.

Show No Fear

Another creative way of standing up against bullies is to show no fear and look into their eyes confidently. When you notice that they are looking at you, look at them with a confident face that allows them to see that you are not scared of them at all. Keep looking into their eyes for some seconds and then turn your face away and never look worried at all.

Show No Weakness

Evil manifests as a desire to control and dominate, and this is what all bullies want – to be able to control and dominate you. Regardless of the fact that you are really upset, never show your weakness or cry in front of them as this is what they are looking for. Once they can see that they are getting to you, they will use further methods to hurt you such as name-calling and snide remarks. If you react emotionally ie. If you cry or show hurt, this will show them that what they are doing – bullying you – is working just fine and that they are hurting you emotionally, physically or sometimes by even both.

No matter how bullying is affecting you, never let them know that this is working and never give them an opportunity to bring you down. The best way to do that is by doing some work on your inner confidence by doing affirmations that build up your own self-talk in a positive way. You know – the chatter that goes on inside of your own head. If that inner chatter is always positive, then you will have tons and tons of genuine and authentic confidence that can’t be knocked down by anyone.

Do not Respond

Another important and creative way to stand up against bullying is to never respond to them. If they call you certain names, do not try to say anything back to them as it may provoke them to push you down. If they continue calling you names, the most important point is to stand up for your own being by saying one short sentence that lets the bully know that you know that he or she is simply a nasty person and that their nastiness has no effect on you. But doing this in a clever way is never that easy in a situation like that. Still it can be very effective technique.

Lastly, believe in yourself. You are better than any bully, because bullies need to put others down to get the energy they need to sustain themselves. A truly good and genuinely decent human being has no need to do that to others because they bring forth goodness and energy from inside themselves – they don’t need to go stealing it from others.

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